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This album is not about us. We wrote these songs for you! And you and you and you and you.. We're just hear to spread the Good News! And the Good News includes you. And there is always room in our Father's home for more.


released August 7, 2015



all rights reserved


Family Plan Tucson, Arizona

Welcome to the family!

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Track Name: Higher
I can see Your face in the constellations
I can see Your heart for every nation
I can see Your hand in all creation
I can see
When I’m feeling low, I let it go
I can feel You holding me

God You’re lifting me up, You’re lifting me higher
And breath life into my lungs, set me on fire
And all I’ve ever known is washed away
In the beauty of amazing grace
Only You, God, are lifting me up, You are lifting me higher

I can hear Your voice in the rolling thunder
I can be complete, You satisfy my hunger
I can feel Your grace, awestruck with wonder
I can see
When I’m feeling low, Lord help me let go
And take control of me

I am low, help me to let go
Take a hold of me
Track Name: Brand New
I’m just another nail buried in His hands
I’m just another failure to follow all His plans
And all the sudden I’m uncomfortable with the idea of remaining the same
Is this my life? Is there another way?

Give me your light, help me believe that I’m alright
Help me see when I lose sight, won’t You come into my life
And free me for the first time
Because I’m losing strength, I’m far too weak, to keep holding out on my own
So give me Your life, help me believe I’ve won the fight
By believing for the first time

So that’s it, I’m giving up, giving in to You
I put myself aside, replace my pride with truth
And all the sudden my discomforts, my worries and my sins feel far away
You give me hope, give me life, give me love that I can give to those who need Your grace

He’s given you a new start, a brand new heart beat
It beats for Him
He’s given you a new start, a brand new heart beat
Track Name: He Wants Me
He doesn’t want my trophies, He doesn’t need my strength
He doesn’t look for my discomfort, He doesn’t want these material things
He doesn’t want me as the world wants me to become
He wants me as I am, who I am is enough

Only now I see, He wants me

Who I am doesn’t matter anymore I am His and I can finally see
He’s going to change me from this fake me to a child of the One true King
He wants me

He doesn’t care if I don’t dress like I’m walking on the beach when I’m in the mall
He doesn’t care if what I wear doesn’t match any manikin on any wall
If I am so consumed with how I look how can I ever hope to look like Him
Yet everyday I stumble, yet I know only He can take away my sin

Who I am doesn’t matter anymore, He wants me
I’ll never know just what He has in store and He’s knocking at my door
Track Name: Unknown
As the darkness closes in, when temptation calls
When you hide your better judgement, when it’s easier to fall
When I know it’s just myself and me keeping you from everything I need
I think I need
Because I’m keeping these conspiracies locked away pretending I can’t see
You have the key. You can see, see all of me

Then You take me over as I’m letting go
With Your hand on my shoulder You lead me to the great unknown

When the path is straight before you, and you’re holding to the light
Though the darker days may wound you, you’ve already won the fight
And I know it’s just myself and me
Keeping you from everything I need, I think I need
Because I’m keeping these conspiracies locked away pretending I can’t see
You have the key. You can see, see all of me

And I know that You will comfort me, You’ve given me everything that I need
You’re all I need
With the past behind me out of reach a life with You is all that I can see
All I can see, I can see
Track Name: Take Me
So it feels like you’ve been caught by every red light on this street
And the clock says you’ll be late for the second time this week
And every song on every station plays the same thing on repeat
That “life is good” but today that’s just so hard to believe
So you close your eyes to pray
But the only two words you can say

Take me, I’m lost for words before You
I hopelessly adore you, and I know you can see what I feel inside
Take me, and though this prayer is broken
With all these words unspoken, I know you hear the words I can’t describe
Take me. It’s the only two words that I need
Take me. Lord, You can hear my plea, take me

You lift your head up from the wheel and the traffic starts to move
You get to work and find everyone was stuck in traffic too
Through your window you watch the clouds start to let the sun come through
And now you can’t believe you let this morning get the best of you
So you close your eyes to pray
As a smile spreads across your face
Track Name: Offering
I’m building barriers that stand so tall
I find my comfort here inside these walls
How can I put all these doubts aside
How can I search when it’s so easy to hide
Let these walls fall, shake this temple, when You call

My curiosity takes a hold of me, all that You have done for me is so hard to believe
Take control of me, let me be an offering, help me see the truth behind belief

So many questions all without answers
Spread throughout me like a cancer
How can we trust if we refuse to fall
How can we gain if we won’t lose it all
Let me feel You, help me hear You, All In All

He knows my heart, He knows my pain
He hears my thoughts, He knows my name
He knows your heart, He knows your pain
Call out to His perfect name, call His Name
Track Name: Fleeting
It’s been five years now to the day
Since I’ve been broken in this way
I was on fire for You, but as time passed by I lost the Truth
Here I am again ashamed
Give me the strength to pray

Show me Your heart I’ve fallen too far to ever start again
And I can’t run from the dark I’m weak and these scars are tearing me apart again
Because every star makes me feel worthless in Your beautiful design
Just to know you made me perfect makes this less than perfect life
Feel so fleeting, like I’m dreaming

Each decision that I make today
Just small steps towards You or away
It’s easier for me to choose what leads me from You
I don’t want to be ashamed
All I need to do is pray

Make me who I am in You, it isn’t what I do
I want Your perfection breathing into me, set me free
And make me who I am in You, it isn’t what I do
I want Your perfection breathing into me
Track Name: Friend to Me
Midnight, and once I again I need you here so
Be a friend to me
And hold tight for I’m too weak to hold on to You
Come again to me
With time a soul on fire will slowly fade away, like the light of day
Yet I can see in the darkest night, You’re here to stay

And though I don’t deserve it won’t You
Be friend to me
Because I’m so tired of pretending that I know the answers
Come again to me
And now I need You more than ever won’t you come
Because it’s

Midnight, and once I again I need you here so
Be a friend to me
And hold tight for I’m too weak to hold on to You
Come again to me
The more I turn to You for everything I need I begin to see
That all I really need is You here with me

You are all I need
When I close my eyes You help me see

Midnight, and once again I thank You, You have
Been a friend to me
So I’ll hold tight to the promise that You’ll never fail to
Come again to me
Track Name: You Proved Me Wrong
Is this the life You’ve given me, is this all my responsibility
The worries of a father make me so tired
But I’ll carry them to the grave
Can’t help but worry about tomorrow, tomorrow carries troubles of it’s own
How do I let this go, these things in my control
Are keeping me from Your grace

But You proved me wrong just when I lost my faith
Just when I lost my way, You overcame
And You carried on while I was in despair
Not knowing You were there
Every time I knew that all hope was gone, You proved me wrong

A man can live without a home but you say all we need is You alone
If the things I need to keep me here keep me from You
Then help me to let them go
What will, what will I eat what will I drink, what will, what will I wear where will I sleep
Yet every day I wake, each breath I take defines me, reminds me

I’m holding nothing back, I’m giving all I am to You
My life is in Your hands give me the strength to stand with You
Track Name: Space Available
We’re not here for the healthy, we’re not here for the proud
We’re not powerful or wealthy, we get laughed at by the crowd
But for all who are needy, for all those who think they’re in it all alone
You have a brother and a sister, a father, a mother and a home

We’re just here to spread the good news, and the good news includes you
And it’s time for you to make your move

Oh, oh, on the screen or on the radio, turn it off just as long as you know
That it is you we need to welcome to the family
And there’s space available, yeah there’s space available

He didn’t make me a preacher, but He gave me song
He gave me an invitation, and we want you to come along

We’re just here to spread the good news, He’s prepared a place for you
But it’s up to you to choose

Oh, oh, you’re never in this fight alone, oh, oh, just as long as you know
He gave His life for you and put you in His family too
And there’s space available, yeah there’s space available

You’re not in this fight alone, you have a family you are loved and have a home
There is a place for you at His table
And there’s space available, yeah His love's unshakeable, yeah it’s inescapable
Track Name: Not the Same
Help me see the sunset like I’m in despair
Help me reach for You even when I know You’re there
Help me fall in Your arms when I lose the strength to stand, Lord through it all help me fall
Help me look at love like it can’t grow old
Help me see the storm as a means to grow
Help me cry out Your name when I lose the strength to pray, help me say

Oh, God, You’re all that I’ve got, You’re the only One that’s remained so I’ll say
Don’t stop, believe it or not, I know I’m better off this way
I’m not the same, I’m giving You everything so take it all away, so now it’s
You, God, You’re all that I’ve got and the only One I need with me

Put me through the darkness so I may know Your light
Make me blind so every morning I can praise You for sight
Lord, You’re pushing me on, You let me fall so I may learn to run

I surrender, I surrender everything
Help me remember how it feels to be set free

Take everything so I may be set free
Lord, take all of me, so all I can do is believe
Help me believe